9 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website – That Aren’t Spam!

drive traffic to your website

Spam is bad! We all know that.

Getting found on the internet can be a daunting task, especially if you are working with a limited budget. Sure, you can engage in pay-per-click campaign (and yes, they do have benefits in many instances), but most companies and entrepreneurs look to gain organic traffic.

One of the most effective strategies to grow organically is to develop inbound links. These links will serve you best if they are not links that your competitors can easily recreate, giving you a competitive edge and helping build both authority and traffic. Here are 9 ways to earn credible inbound links to your website.

1. Give a Presentation:

Most industries hold conferences and seminars, and many of them provide opportunities for guest presenters. In most instances, the conference will have its own website or will be mentioned on a related site. Be sure that you are mentioned on the site as a presenter, with a link to your site.

2. Become Involved in Your Community:

Becoming known in your local area can be a huge benefit to you and your business. Through the simple act of volunteering in your community, you can land tons of traffic to your site and mentions from authority sites such as non-profit organizations.

3. Remember to Ask for Reviews and Testimonials:

This simple strategy is often forgotten or overlooked by many of us and is something that I have often neglected in the past. However, this should never be overlooked. Obtaining reviews and testimonials from clients for your products and services and posting them on your site builds your authority and credibility, and will get more people checking you out.

4. Reciprocate by Writing Testimonials for Products and Services You Have Used:

By doing this, you are not only helping others gain well-deserved credit for their products or services, but you are also developing links back to you via their sites.

5. Get Interviewed:

Radio stations, podcasters and newspapers are often looking for industry experts for interviews. Try using the free site radioguestlist.com to find opportunities for radio and blog interviews. If you are successful in landing an interview, you will not only present to a targeted audience, but will also obtain a back link to your site.

6. Consider Developing an Industry Glossary:

Nearly every industry has its own jargon that can be difficult for outsiders to understand. By creating a glossary of terms for your industry and sharing it with those who are not involved in your particular niche, you are likely to gain visits from those looking for explanations.

7. Sponsor Contests/Clubs/Events:

As noted above with conferences and seminars, contest are often run by authority organizations such as colleges, non-profits, or media outlets. These contests can sometimes be sponsored for as little as a $20 investment, a small price for an authority link.

8. Create Your Own Affiliate Program:

Do you have a product that is well suited for affiliate sales? If so, creating your own affiliate program can not only help sell your products, but can get you a lot of links as well. Be sure that you understand how to develop this, however, so the affiliated are not copying and pasting info from your site, causing it to be flagged for duplicate material.

9. Offline Marketing:

Offline marketing is not dead, and is, in fact, very useful for building brand awareness. However, when handing out printed materials, speaking with others, or even at presentations, be sure to mention a relevant piece of content or a resource on your website that they should check out.

So there you have it – 9 ways  to build links back to your site that are not spam.  There are many more ways to build links to your site, but these 9 should get you started. Why not give a few of them a try today.

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