Automation Aptitude


To automate or not to automate…

That is the question!

With more and more online engagement, the big question is whether you should use automation tools or not for promoting your presence.

Well, the answer is not always black and white.

Today’s Marketing In A Minute video explores the pros and cons of using automation tools for your business

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Using Tools To Increase Your Productivity

marketing automation

How can you become more productive?

Are you currently using any of the tools that are available to assist with productivity? There are many options available out there for marketing automation; everything from social media automation, to CRM’s, to voice recognition software.

Running a business, especially a small business, takes a lot of time and effort to be managed properly. In many instances, the business owner takes on the responsibility of most tasks, especially in the early days of growing the business. As a result, it is easy to become bogged down in a lot of administrative functions, leaving little time to focus on product and service creation, marketing and sales.

Thank goodness for automation and productivity tools!

Marketing your brand and building an audience can be very time-consuming. Most people check online before they purchase a product or service, which means that you have to build your own online presence. This can be accomplished by building and maintaining a website that is both interactive and mobile responsive, as well as ensuring that you have a social presence on those social bookmarking sites that your target audience is most likely to participate in.

But regularly updating information on your website and posting to various social media sites takes time and effort. Therefore, it is important to research and implement marketing automation and productivity tools that fit your needs. Read more