6 Main Components Of An Online Media Kit

online media kit

An online media kit is a great way to launch a public relations campaign.

It provides the opportunity for your prospects and the media to get a closer look at you and your business.

Additionally, it makes it simple to capture the attention of online and offline journalists, bloggers, event hosts and even radio show producers, allowing them ease of contact in order to draw attention to you and your business. And, it never hurts to show that you are media friendly and media savvy.

Be sure to dedicate a separate page on your website to your media kit. You can call this page Media, or Press or Media Kit, ensuring ease of navigation to the page. Also, be sure to use file formats that work across various platforms, browsers and computers, such as PDF files.

A properly designed media kit is generally comprised of the following six main components:

1. Company overview

This is where you provide important information about your company. It should include when your company was founded, a succinct description of your company, your mission statement and guiding principles, and contact information.

2. Products and/or services overview

Provide a brief overview of your products and/or services. Be sure to include clickable links to sales pages for easy access to additional information.

3. Current press releases

Publish current press releases. This enables visitors to track the growth and progress of your company.

4. Personal fact-sheet

People want to know who is behind the business. Create a personal fact sheet that includes your title, personal bio (both long and short bios) and sample photos (optimized for both the internet and print).

5. List of suggested questions

Make it easy for visitors to find out more. Give those journalists, radio show hosts, writers and publishers a list of suggested questions related to your business. It’ll serve you well to help make a prospective interview as painless as possible.

6. Links to media mentions and/or press appearances

Once your business starts to obtain media coverage, publish these mentions and/or appearances. This serves to provide further authority for your business.

Above all, remember to keep all components of your media kit should be concise, attention-grabbing and compelling to make it easy for the media to bolster your business.

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