What The Heck Is Elegant Simplicity, Again?

elegant simplicity

Elegant Simplicity – the podcast!

Today I want to share a podcast that is excerpted from a web broadcast recorded in November with Frank Thomas of the Small Business Tips Show.  I have previously shared the broadcast with you here, however, I know that many of you like the flexibility of listening to, or downloading, a podcast so you can listen in at your convenience.

Frank and I often get the inspirations for our shows through our conversations. It was during one of these discussions that Frank mentioned about how people tend to complicate things. I think you’ll agree that, way too often, we think that we have to add layers upon layers to our ideas, thoughts, products and services. But in so doing, we end up making things too complex and lose the interest of our intended audience.

In this podcast, we discuss the benefit of making it simple for your clients to interact with your business. Frank calls it ‘elegant simplicity’.

Join us and listen as we discuss how to accomplish this that for your business!

Listen here, or listen to the podcast:

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