Elegant Simplicity – Keep Your Clients Connected!

Elegant simplicity

So what the heck is elegant simplicity, anyway?

This is the topic that Frank Thomas and I discussed on the most recent episode of our broadcast on the Small Business Tips Show.

Elegant simplicity is the art of developing and creating your product or service that is simple and easy for them to understand and connect. There is nothing worse for client or prospect than having to maneuver and negotiate complex roadblocks to attain what it is they are looking for. Indeed, if you make it too difficult for them to understand or connect with your product or service, you will lose them to your competitors.

So join us as we discuss some of the ways that you can make it simple for your clients and prospects, and outline some things to avoid. Please note that we did have a bit of a problem with some of the audio feed, so please excuse the few minor glitches.

Watch our Video on YouTube.

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