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body language

What do your actions say about you?

Many studies have been conducted and many reports exist regarding the issue of body language. It’s no secret that our actions do often speak louder than words, sometimes revealing emotions and feelings that we were hoping to keep subdued.

The concept of body language, properly applied, can be a useful tool for marketers. Observing how a prospect is responding to what is being said can reveal important clues to help the astute marketer gauged the interest of the prospect.

My friend and colleague, Patty Miller, shared a video on LinkedIn speaking to this issue. The video is called five proven tactics to read body language. (You can find my interview on YouTube with Patty here!  Or here, if you prefer a podcast)

Watch the Video here:

So although this short video may appear to be a bit simplistic, it does clearly identify five key areas that anyone can observe to help read their audiences interest and engagement levels.

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