The Top Five Reasons You Should Be Implementing Video In Your Marketing

video marketing

You’ve heard about demand generation, right?

Just in case you are unclear of what, exactly, this means, demand generation is the focus of targeted marketing programs to drive awareness and interest in a company’s products/services.

This article points out the top five reasons why video marketing has become a key component of content marketing and demand generation strategies.

1. Video has higher retention rates and initiates higher engagement.

It is no surprise to any of us that attention spans are becoming shorter and shorter as technology improves and advances. In fact, latest studies have defined our attention spans at a mere 8 seconds. So that’s it! That’s how long you have to capture the attention of your audience. This means that you should be strategic about the content you are providing for your audience. According to a report by Invodo, more than 65% of viewers watch more than three quarters of each video, which is considerably higher that text-based content.

2. Video as a marketing medium drives more conversions.

We all love to share information and help others. But at the core, we are in business to make money. And, without sales, there is no money. Using video to deliver content to your audience can be a key driver in building trust, awareness and interest in your company and its offerings. In fact, over 70% of marketers believe that video is the most effective way to drive conversions, with product videos increasing your prospects purchasing intent by up to 85%.

3. Video enhances the results of additional content and marketing efforts.

As stand-alone content, videos have proven themselves to be incredibly effective. Used to support other content assets, video can boost the engagement factor considerably. Consider the effectiveness of a video landing page. The integration of video into a sales page allows the prospect to engage more personally with the company and helps to build credibility and trust.

4. Video helps you gain insight into the behaviours of your visitors.

Let’s face it; we love to sell our products. Perhaps you have an eBook that a prospect has downloaded. But we have no way of tracking what the prospect did with the eBook once it was downloaded. Did they read it? Did they find it useful? There really is no way of knowing. But with video, you can track how many viewers it had, how much of the video is being watched, and if viewers are interacting with any clickable links within the video.

5. Video is more accessible than ever to companies of all sizes.

Prospects and clients are expecting more and more video content. In fact, according to Cisco, nearly 80% of all internet traffic is expected to be video based by 2018. But with the increase in demand for video, the tools have become less expensive, allowing any business to create video for their prospects and clients. Although high end video productions still have their place, newer technologies have brought the ability to shoot and edit video within the reach of any business. The biggest obstacle seems to be getting over the ‘camera-shy’ part of video production.

You don’t need any expensive or highly technical equipment or software to start creating video today. In fact, you can even use your smartphone to record a video. And online video tools such as Camtasia and GoAnimate help you to create a professional video right from your own desktop. As for hosting and distribution, you can easily share video across a number of networks such as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc., as well as embedding them in emails and on your website. You may want to investigate video marketing platforms as well, to provide you with metrics for measurable ROI.

So there you have it – the top 5 reasons why you should be doing video marketing. What are you waiting for?

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