The Secret to Winning in Unsettled Times!

review your marketing to be a winner

Want to know how to win in unsettled times?

Yesterday marked the transition of the Canadian Government. Our Prime Minister of just under 10 years officially resigned his position and the new Prime Minister, along with his Cabinet, were sworn in.  Of course, until Parliament convenes, the new Throne Speech is read, we are left wondering what this Liberal government means to our businesses and our economy.

There are still many of folks in the oil and gas industry who remember the devastating effects of the policies enacted by Trudeau the elder, especially the NEP from 1980 – 1985. We can only hope that Trudeau the younger understands that we exist in a global economy, and as such we must participate in a way that is economically viable and progressive for the country.  The stated positions by the Liberals on the oil and gas industry and the new trade deal throughout the election were very broad, allowing much wiggle room should they win. Aside from stating that they would launch an immediate review of Canada’s regulatory process for oil and gas projects, they mostly made generic statements that they support various pipeline projects and the need for infrastructure. However, how they support this remains to be seen.  As for the new TPP, the only comment made by the Liberal leader was that they were pro-trade.

Regardless of how this plays out, we are left with the need to play the cards that we’ve been dealt.  This means ensuring that you are positioning your company to anticipate any and all potential outcomes.

The best way to do this is to do a full scale review of your marketing processes. Are you, like the Conservatives, sticking to your message (which is good), but delivering it in the same tired fashion (which is bad)? Maybe it’s time to revisit this and see if there is a better, newer, fresher way to communicate your message to your prospects and clients.

Maybe it’s time to rebrand. Or maybe it’s time to add additional components to your marketing message.   Instead of being reactive, be proactive. Talk about advances in technology within your industry that make your business more efficient.  Pump up the PR and talk about all the good things that your industry does through creation of products, jobs, exports, etc.  Create strong, effective marketing programs that promote your industry in positive ways.

Yes, I know; marketing is a cost to your business. But so is that computer, or that piece of equipment, or that rig hand or salesperson. Funny how those items are looked at as investments in your business while marketing is seen as a cost…

But marketing is truly only a cost to your business if it is applied without a proper strategy, proper execution of the strategy, and proper evaluation. When those three key items are in play, marketing becomes a true investment in moving your business forward, not a cost.

It is well worth the investment to hire a marketing consultant to come in and work with you to evaluate your current marketing and branding, and to assist you in the creation and implementation of a marketing strategy that will work in the longer term.

Be prepared, be proactive, and be successful.

Until next time…

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