So why should you choose Agapi?

Well, maybe you need the help of a marketing professional but can’t afford to hire someone full-time for the position. Perhaps you only need someone on a part-time or on an “as needed” basis. Or maybe you are starting a new business and are looking for some guidance for your start-up.

Agapi can help solve your problems! With experience in the marketing, communication and public relations field since 1984, we are ready and able to help your company – right now, part-time or as needed.

Some signs that your company needs marketing assistance are:

  • the owner develops and manages the marketing initiatives
  • sales and profits are flat or declining
  • marketing is done by a staff person on an ad hoc basis
  • no clear idea of what to expect for results
  • no means for measurement of results
  • little to no “bang for your buck”

Is your business demonstrating any of these signs?  If so, chances are you would benefit from a strategic marketing consultation. And, sure, we might be biased, but we think that we can solve your marketing and public relations problems.  How?  Well, take a look at just a few of the benefits that we provide:

Agapi’s marketing and business consultation benefits:

  • extensive marketing and public relations experience to enhance your business viability
  • strategic, critical and creative expertise
  • honesty, integrity and objectivity
  • organized strategic marketing execution to ensure better results
  • confidentiality
  • regular reporting and measuring results to track profitability and ROI on all projects
  • start up expertise
  • eliminates the need for a full-time marketer’s high salary and paid benefits
  • flexible plans and programs to fit your needs

Still wondering why you should choose us?

Well, our skills have been honed in both the public and private sectors.  Our past clients include everything from professional corps and public companies to political parties and elected representatives.  We bring practical work experience to the table in various capacities including political campaigns, fundraising, financial planning, operational audits, investor relations, and much more!

And that’s not all – we have also been directly involved with developing the plans and strategies that have helped launch dozens of start ups over the years.

So what does this mean for you?

It’s simple; because of our experience, we understand several industries at a deeper level. This means that we get that there are nuances and sensitivities in some businesses that don’t exist in others. We know that some industries have governing bodies that dictate what they can say – and how they say it. And we know how easily something can be taken out of context – and just how important it is to ensure that this issue is avoided as much as possible!

Our expertise is in the development of a comprehensive and cohesive marketing strategy for your business, but it doesn’t stop there.  Our team extends to experts in online marketing, including services such as search engine optimizations (SEO), pay per click campaigns (PPC), web design, social media, and online reputation management, to name just a few.  You can find more information about these, and other online services, on our Services Page.

At Agapi, we work with you to develop a complete, comprehensive marketing strategy that covers all the bases, whether online or offline. Contact us now and see how we can help you attain your goals.