Why You Need To Care About Your Online Reputation

online reputation

Your Online Reputation.

How Neglecting It Can Cost You Money And Send Prospects To Your Competition. 

Taking care of your company’s online reputation is vital for 2 very good reasons:

1. By optimizing your great reviews in the major search engines, you are going to be bringing in new clients who are looking for you personally; that will directly improve your bottom line.

2. Any bad reviews about your business will stick out like a sore thumb, turning clients and prospects away from you each and every day. If this is happening to you, you are leaving potential revenue streams on the table

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It is a fact that approximately 75% of all customers research a company before they so much as think of doing business with them.

And typically, since this research procedure takes a little time, they’re looking for distinct things about your organization. Frequently, they may be directly searching for assessments about your organization!

If your potential client makes the decision to check out the web to learn about your company, he’s likely to be faced with a few terrible reviews which are going to scare him away you’re your business. This will make him to turn to a competitor who has already taken care of their bad reviews, clearing up their online reputation.

What you need to do is locate an online reputation management company; one that will stand behind your business, treating as though it was their own! They’re going to defend your company, ensuring that your good reviews are in the limelight, while either concealing or eliminating your negative reviews for good! But most notably, they will work with your current customers, encouraging them to provide positive reviews, reinforcing your company’s reputation over time.

The principal motivation for online reputation management is because it ensures that you control what prospective clients will find about your business. This means that you establish trust with your visitors before they even begin to do business with you.

That’s how it works. It’s a pretty straightforward premise, although not something you hear about all the time. But that is because your competitors don’t want you to know what they are doing.

So let’s check out some of the statistics. These numbers will hopefully help you to realize just why you need online reputation management, whether your current online status is good or bad.

The largest one is the fact that 75% of buyers look on the internet for reviews before retaining a specific business. These prospects trust what others have to say, so when they read a review, it will influence their decision, whether the review is good or bad. This suggests that it is in your best interests to ensure that all your satisfied clients are always leaving you good reviews.

Over the past year, traffic to the main review sites has increased by more than 100%! This suggest that folks are checking in with these evaluation sites more than ever, with more and more people using this as a research tool every day. Now, more than ever, you need to be sure that you are taking care of your online reputation before it is too late! As reported by the Wall Street Journal, 92% of buyers have more confidence in what they read online that they do from a salesperson or any other source of information.

And if that hasn’t convinced you yet, here are some more statistics:

• 97% of those who purchased based on an online review reported that they found the review to be accurate. (ComScore)

• 50% of customers utilize the net before they so much as take visit the organization. (Verdict Study)

• 61% of individuals rely on their peer’s evaluation for recommendations on goods or brands they are considering prior to making their decision. (RazorFish)

• 75% of individuals don’t believe what corporations say about themselves. (Yankelovich)

These numbers speak for themselves. You have to be sure that your reputation is up to par, or you may just be digging your own company’s grave.

It’s pretty straightforward to monitor your online reputation, but sometimes, if you’ve let it go for a while, it could be quite difficult to correct! That’s where we can help, so you do not have to squander your valuable time. And we offer on-going service.

Simply act like a client who is looking online to find reviews about your organization. Many will be found easily and be in plain sight. There is no need to concern yourself with something that is hidden away in the research engines. Go ahead and search for the reviews, paying close attention to any negative reviews. Regardless of how old the reviews are, you should reach out to connect with the past client and see what you can do to satisfy them. Ideally, you want to change their point of view on your business, but at minimum you want to demonstrate that you care about your reputation by attempting to repair matters!

After you have taken care of your negative reviews, you want to optimize the number of positive reviews you get. Encourage your current satisfied clients to post reviews for you. Occasionally, a business owner will ask if they can simply go online and post their own reviews. DO NOT do this. It is not only unethical, but can result in a permanent ban for your company on the review sites. They track your IP address to ensure these “black hat” techniques are not being used.

As you have read, monitoring your online presence is an essential element to your business, and could result in your company’s failure if not managed correctly. Why give the control of you company’s integrity to an unhappy client who you very likely did not even have the chance of talking with?

I trust that this report has helped you understand why online reputation management is such a crucial element for the success of just about any company. It isn’t something you should ignore, or you could be asking for your company to fail.

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