How To Market Your Business: Strategy One – Branding

Branding your business.

Ahhh, the wonderful advantages of technology!  It makes our lives so much easier.  It opens the door to obtain knowledge from around the globe.  It allows for interactions between people from all countries and all walks of life.

That is, when it works!

So, as you can see, this post is a day later than expected.  This week was set to be our launch for our newest video series, “How to Market Your Business: 5 Proven Strategies that are easy to implement.”  But our live-streaming technology has run into some glitches this week that have resulted in a delayed event and, therefore, a delayed posting.

Another result of these technical issues is that the two videos that were live-streamed do have some ‘jittering’.  Luckily, there is nothing of substance missing in the jittering, and we are working on cleaning them up to repost, most likely on our other channel which you can connect to via our Corporate YouTube Channel.

Our tech has been working diligently to resolve these issues and we think we now have the magic formula that will make the remainder of this series (and all future events) go forward without any of these issues.

Meanwhile, please watch our video live event to get lots of great information about how and why you need to brand your business – and what a brand really is!

 Watch Our Video Now, or watch on YouTube:

Until next time…

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