Getting More Clients – Part 2

Get more clients

Part 2 of getting more clients.

Last week, we shared part one of a video series that was recorded with Frank Thomas, host of the Small Business Tips Show. Today we continue with part two of this discussion about getting more clients – especially in a down economy.  This chat was live-streamed on October 15th.

As you know from a previous post, I was recently invited to co-host the Small Business Tips Show with Frank. Over the past several months we have recorded several podcasts and recently decided to add the element of video to our discussions. This gives the flexibility for interested parties to either listen to or download the podcast and simply listen to that, or to engage fully by watching the video.

Obviously, the number one requirement to stay in business is to have clients. And often getting those clients can present challenges. Therefore, we felt this was a very important subject to address to help you with your small business. We hope that our discussions in these two videos have given you some insights on some techniques and tips that you can take away and implement to help you grow your small business.

Watch our video here now, on YouTube, or listen to our podcast.

Part 1

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