Getting More Clients – Part 1

getting clients in a down economy

Are you looking for more clients for your business?

That’s kind of a silly question really, isn’t it? Of course you do! Nearly every business is always looking to attract new clients, unless their goal has been to attain a specific level and they have attained that level. How to get more clients can be a challenge, especially in an economic downturn.

Some of you who have been following me for some time are aware that I am now co-hosting podcasts with the Small Business Tips Show. Frank Thomas and I have recorded several podcasts already, and we recently decided to add something new to the mix.

The podcasts have proven to be very successful, so we thought, “Well, people are liking the audio and it’s working so well, maybe we should do some video broadcasts”. So, a couple of weeks ago we recorded our first broadcast. While the nuances of the recording software had not quite been worked out yet and the video isn’t the prettiest, we thought it was an important topic to share with you.

So what is this topic? Well, it’s about how to get more clients.

And, in fact, we found that there was so much to say about this topic that we actually broke it into two parts. Part one is being shared with you today.

Watch our video now, watch on YouTube, or listen to the podcast.

Part 2

Until next time…

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