Entrepreneur Series – Episode One


Welcome! Today we are posting our introductory video for our new series for entrepreneurs.

As you know, I am a regular co-host on the Small Business Tips Show with Frank Thomas. We have developed a number of podcasts and webinars designed to help small business owners build a successful business. Out of this process, we discovered that many of you were looking for something that would help identify and walk through the steps required to build, maintain, and grow your business. Our answer was to create the Entrepreneur Series, and today we start with the ‘Jumpstart” video.

In this first video, we do a high level overview of the issues we will be presenting in the series. We discuss how roadblocks jump into the way, and how to overcome them. In our future videos, we drill down and dissect each component, so enjoy this video today, and be sure to check back as we publish the rest of the series.

Watch our video here, or watch on YouTube.

Until next time…

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