Social Media And The Law

social media and the law

What do you know about the laws around social media?

There is no mistake that social media has grown to become one of the most interactive online communication tools in existence.

On platforms like Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter (to name just three of the more popular platforms) users can engage and “converse” in real time. Is it any wonder that these platforms have captured not just the online world, but are also an interactive part of television. Indeed, everything from reality shows to the news – including live shows such as the recent presidential debates – encourage audience interaction via these social media platforms, posting some of the comments on television screens in real time.

But social media, just like everything else, has its pros and its cons. In the pro column, user engagement provides information and opinions about products and services and is able to be responsive immediately to how these products and services are delivered and any updates and/or improvements that are made. In the con column is the fact that these opinions are just that: opinions! And, on occasion, these opinions can be grounded in ignorance or part truths and become viral, causing serious harm to a specific individual or brand.

Today, we wanted to share with you an infographic developed by that outlines social media and the law. Although some of this information is a couple of years old, we felt it important to point out that there are legalities associated with the use of social media.

See the infographic:













So familiarize yourself with the laws surrounding the use of social media platforms, and think before you post.

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