Pursuing Perfection Paralyzes

Pursuing Perfection Paralyses

Nobody’s perfect, right?

We’ve all been there. We’re working on a project and have made some great strides towards its completion. We have pursued perfection, done our final review and final revisions, add the final touches and – voila! Yes, we are ready to launch it!

The only problem is – well, we don’t!

Maybe we can just reword this one area. Maybe we can add another dimension to it over here. Or wait!  Let’s find some different pictures to augment it.  Or… maybe we should add video.

Let’s face it. Everything in life is a work in progress.

Nothing is ever set in stone, whether it is a business plan, a budget, or a project for your business.  Personally, I can look at something I have written and see a way to reword it every time I read it. If I continually reviewed and rewrote everything I have ever written, I would never have completed anything.

So, you do what you can, capture the best of what it is that you are looking to present, and run with it. If you don’t, you will never finish anything.

Why do we do this?

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