Orange Is The New Blue???

Oil after the election

Huge political upset in Alberta – what does it mean for you?

By the time this article is published, the huge political upset in Alberta will be over a week old. No one forecast this outcome, least of all the governing Tories who allowed arrogance and their sense of entitlement to call an election more than a year before it was required. This decision has cost Albertans in many ways; first, for the election itself; secondly, for an immediate by-election that will now have to take place, since the former leader of the PC’s decided to take his marbles and go home after the stunning defeat; and thirdly, the cost (potentially) to the province economically, depending on what the new government decides to legislate over the course of the next 4 years.

The Premier-designate has stated publicly that she does not intend to bring sweeping changes to how things are done, and that she will work ‘collaboratively and in partnership’ with our oil industry. As one analyst stated, surely this Party will not be so foolish as to kill the goose that lays the golden egg. Read more