New Content Eluding You?

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Content creation well gone dry?

Here are a few things to try.

It happens to all of us. We understand that creating interesting and engaging content is a must. And we’ve built out our content calendar, providing regularly scheduled posts for our audience.

But what do we do when our creativity well seems to have gone dry?

It can be a difficult thing to continually provide new content for your readers. If you are a content purist, like me, you want to be sure that you are providing your website visitors with information that at the very least provides a bit of a take away. After all, if your content is not providing anything of value, why would people keep coming back to read and share your articles?

But every now and then it seems like there’s nothing new to tell your visitors. Remaining true to your brand means ensuring that everything that you do reflects the values and the fundamentals of that brand. That means that if you are a financial professional, your articles should reflect that brand and always speak to financial education and not run down another path writing about something like plumbing – or any other subject unrelated to the financial industry.

So what do you do when you can’t think of new content? Well, there are a few different things that you can try.

  • One thing that you can do is review your existing posts and repurpose any of your content that seemed to be very popular. Sometimes this can be as simple as updating some of the facts within the article, and sometimes this might mean recreating it as an audio presentation or in a slideshow format.  If people liked it the first time, they should like it again.  Remember that we all have taken new information from rereading a book or an article, and your post is no different.
  • Another thing to try is to take some of your less successful content and recreate it in a different format. Sometimes the way that material is delivered can be a bit of a stumbling block, and by reissuing your content in another format you could just overcome the previous resistance to the article.
  • We’ve all seen arguments both for and against guest blogging. In the earlier days of SEO, being or having a guest blogger was a good way to create back links to your site. As technology has improved and evolved, this doesn’t work as well, but there are many other benefits to guest blogging if done properly. By inviting an expert to share some of their insights on your website, you have the potential to develop a new audience. And if this expert shares news of their guest post with their audience, you could gain credibility and an enhanced reputation.
  • You could also offer something of value, like a white paper, an eBook, or perhaps even a plug-in or piece of software, to your readers as a way to thank them for continuing to follow and to share your content.

Of course, these are just a few examples of some of the things that you can do on those less-than-creative days when a new post is due. The most important thing to do is to make sure that you do continue to post on a regular basis. The people who are following your feed come to expect your posts, and developing a following is the first step to building a trusting relationship that will eventually lead to satisfied clients.

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