Do You Know Your Customers?

know your customers

How well do you know your customers?

Last month, we posted an article about how important it is to know your competitors in business.

Just as important is that is to know your customer. In fact, it is a critical ingredient in the running of a successful business.

Simply put, if you don’t know your customer, how will you know what they need? How will you satisfy their requirements and increase their lifetime value to your business? Well, of course if you don’t know your client, you are merely going through the motions and hoping that you are doing the right things to please them. And that just isn’t good enough!

So what does it take to really get to know your customers?

First of all, you should identify your ideal client. What do they look like? Are you looking to provide products and services to a specific group of professionals? What services or products best fit with them? How much are you aiming to obtain in your average sale?

Then, understand what motivates them. It doesn’t matter if your business operates online or offline, or if you sell products or services. The principles are the same. Identify what your target market needs and wants, and then set out to show them how to obtain it. That is what creates satisfies, loyal customers and will generate referrals for your business.

Keep in mind that your customers are human; yes, behind that business is a manager or partner who is a human. Their requirements will always be changing and evolving. It is your responsibility to keep up with their needs and wishes if you are going to keep them happy. It’s not really that hard. Business relationships are just that – relationships. If you do your research, communicate regularly with your client, and really get to the core of what their goals and ambitions are, you will have a devoted and reliable client for many years to come.

Make sure that you are continually doing your research to ensure that the development and implementation of every marketing strategy you provide is current. Monitor all programs and projects to monopolize of strategies that work and eliminate those that don’t. Know your customers’ likes and dislikes, problems and complaints, wants and needs, regardless of whether you are providing a product or service. Anticipate their needs.

Commit time to learning every day to stay on top of changing trends and become a leader in your industry. After all, wasn’t that your goal when you first started your business?

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