Consultants, Temporary Workers And Small Business Owners – A Force To Be Reckoned With!


The workplace is evolving.

And all across North America, more and more people are choosing to become independent workers and consultants.

An independent worker is someone who is a consultant, a temp, or a small business owner. According to the third annual MBO Partners State of Independence Report, published in 2013, 17.7 million Americans deemed themselves to be independent workers in that same year. This survey reflected only those folks who work 15 or more hours per week as an independent.

Independent workers also create jobs. 1 out of every 4 independent workers has hired another person as either a subcontractor or an employee.

So Just Who Are These Independent Workers?

Independent workers are both male and female, in almost equal proportions. The majority of independent workers own their own business offering consulting, freelance services, etc., and most have 3 or fewer workers on staff.

They are truly the epitome of small businesses, yet provide significantly to the overall economy.

These consultants are productive, creative, and provide vital, necessary services. As a result, independent workers are no longer thought of as a stopgap measure, to be utilized until the economy improves.

What Are The Advantages To Hiring An Independent?

1. Small business owners can obtain numerous advantages by hiring independent workers. By hiring independents to complete specific projects, you can benefit from flexibility, greater accountability, lower overhead and access to workers with broader and deeper experience.

2. Be aware that the Tax Man has firm rules and regulations that you must follow when hiring independents. Be sure to maintain your independent worker’s status as a worker, contractor or freelancer, not as an employee, by keeping a clear distinction between the two worker types. An independent contractor or worker must maintain a separate business identity, work on their own to complete the assigned project, and invoice for completed work, among other things. Employees work under direct supervision with specific hours. Keep the two roles clear, separate and distinct.

3. Because competition can be fierce, independent workers will work hard to ensure your business is satisfied with the results, and often go the extra mile, offering your small business greater accountability when you work with independents.

4. Hiring consultants to come up with a solution to past issues or stumbling blocks within your business could be the key to getting over the issue and moving on. Sometimes all that is needed is a fresh, neutral perspective.

5. Small business owners who are already independent workers can expand their business and client base by building strong business relationships with other independents with complementary skills. Strategic alliances not only help the independent worker, but also save you time and effort trying to find other independents with those complementary talents.

You can start now to work smarter for your business by considering hiring consultants to tackle specific projects. What are you waiting for?

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