Get More Customers! Make Sure your Website is Mapped Out Along the Customer’s Journey

get more customers

Want to know how to get more customers?

Your customer’s journey goes through these stages: Awareness, Interest, Desire, and Action. There’s no telling how long they stay in one stage until they jump to the next. Sometimes, the progress takes months, and sometimes the jump is immediate.

Many websites concentrate on the ‘Awareness’ and ‘Interest’ stage without signals toward a purchase, while some focus more on the ‘Action’ stage without providing sufficient information.

At Agapi Marketing, we ensure that your website talks to your visitor relevant to their stage in the buying process. Does your website’s navigation and content address all of the needs of your potential customers in every step of their journey?

Navigational cues such as menu buttons, bread crumbs, overview of next steps, suggested readings, and calls-to-action must guide your visitors from wherever buying stage they are and on whatever page and content they are currently onto the next logical and intuitive step.

This strategy requires a deep understanding of your customer about what they need, and how you meet that need; what information in certain media formats they need to absorb to learn more about your offerings that will also resonate with their motivation. This strategy also requires getting rid of all possible barriers to buying, making the actual purchase process as smooth and satisfying as possible.

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