Effective Social Media Marketing Needs Two-way Conversations

social media is meant to be social

Social media is meant to be social!

Your social media marketing initiatives must be built on building a dialogue, where YOU speak and listen to your audience and responding to their wants and needs.

Get them to talk. Then so can you listen and respond.

Is your brand into monologues in social media?

It should NOT be that way. You should take the time to listen and respond to your audience. A two-way conversation helps you connect your brand with potential and existing customers on a human level.

Conversations give your brand a personality attracting more potential customers.

Much like in real-world social interactions, a conversation on social media must be two-way. Don’t you agree?

Here are a few tips:

Ask questions. Be genuine about wanting to learn more about them.

  • Ask about their accomplishments
  • Ask about their challenges
  • Ask about their ideal customer
  • Ask how you could help them

When they respond:

  • Ask more questions
  • Answer their questions
  • Respond to comments
  • Give compliments
  • Acknowledge compliments
  • Address complaints

If you’re not doing this yet, don’t you think it’s worth a try?

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