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why agapi

7 Ways Agapi Adds Immediate Value To Your Company

  • Enjoy the benefits of having experienced marketing professionals on your team without the need to hire full-time staff
  • Reduce stress for company executives and staff who are juggling the marketing initiative while maintaining their full-time responsibilities
  • Working directly with management or their designates to learn about the corporate objectives creates an environment for determining accurate and reasonable goals
  • We are able to maximize your success through strategically planning marketing initiatives around your products and services, and differentiating them from those of your competitors
  • Developing or enhancing your internal and external communications programs, streamlining them to become more effective and memorable
  • An outside, high-level overview of your business provides objective strategic thinking to those who are ‘too close’ to the situation
  • Ensuing implementation of measurables to track successes and measure ROI


Business Discovery

Our Discovery Process is at the core of all of our projects. During this process, we engage in an in-depth consultation to identify business goals and budgets, review any existing marketing programs, and analyze all current marketing efforts.  A marketing and communications analysis of this nature will often uncover areas where some revisions to your activities can result in increases in incremental revenue, and also the ability to reduce expenses or improve productivity in the execution of marketing and communications campaigns. Once completed, a detailed Discovery report is provided along with a debriefing conducted with the staff and/or management identified at the outset of this engagement.
Additional services, such as the development of your Marketing Blueprint, are available as add-on’s to this service.

30 Day Marketing Renovation

We are very proud of the success of this program, built on the foundation of the results of our Business Discovery.  This program provides the integration of the solutions to the specific issues identified by the Discover, delivered over a finite period of time. By working directly with you or your designate, we ensure that the timelines and agreed-upon changes are undertaken and implemented within the time-frame. The benefit of this program is that there is a defined timeline and budget, allowing you to allocate the time and money required to get your marketing moving forward.

1:1 Mentoring and Training

We know that many business owners wish to manage their own marketing requirements, either personally or by designating this role to an employee.  But many times, this task does not deliver the desired results due to a lack of education about how to create an effective marketing strategy and the accompanying budget and not sticking to a commitment to deliver the plan. This creates chaos, fragmented marketing, and a frustrated business owner! But success doesn’t have to be hard.  With the right clarity, a blueprint and personalized action plan for your business, success can be yours. We can mentor and train you and/or your designates so you understand the marketing process and can handle your marketing internally with confidence.

And what about our business consulting and coaching services?

We also provide business consulting and coaching services. Over the years, we have worked with entrepreneurs, professional corps, public companies, political parties and elected representatives. We have also been directly involved with the development of plans and strategies that have helped launch dozens of start-ups over the years.

So what does this mean for you?

We bring practical work experience to the table in various capacities including political campaigns, fundraising, financial planning, operational audits, investor relations, to name just a few areas. Because of our experience, we understand several industries at a deeper level. This means that we get that there are nuances and sensitivities in some businesses that don’t exist in others. We know that some industries have governing bodies that dictate what they can say – and how they can say it. And we know how easily something can be taken out of context – and just how important it is to ensure that this issue is avoided as much as possible!

And Agapi’s services are flexible, allowing your business to benefit from our marketing and business expertise and experience only when you need it, keeping your overall cost lower. So, if you’re ready to take the next step and make your business more profitable now, contact us today.