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NEXsteps is your trusted partner in navigating the transitional aging process. We provide comprehensive plans tailored to your unique needs, empowering you to live your best life.

Our Programs


Unlock the secrets to effective aging planning with our comprehensive "do-it-yourself" guide. Follow our blueprint and discover all the key components of a personalized aging plan that will set you up for a fulfilling future.
  • Practical matters: legal paperwork, financial structure, medical processes, care and housing options
  • Navigating the system: working with health authorities
  • Working with the support systems and options
  • 30 minute consulation discovery call to kickstart your journey (must be scheduled within 14 days of guide purchase)


Elevate your aging plan with additional resources! Includes everything in  NEXsteps Basic, plus a dedicated section on healthy aging, resources for provincial and territorial laws, and assistance in creating essential legal documents.


  • Everything in Basic, PLUS
  • A dedicated section on Healthy Aging
  • Resources for Provincial and Territorial Estate Law access
  • Access to creating your own Will, Power of Attorney and Medical Directive documents, based on your own jurisdiction
  • 30 minute initial consultation (must be scheduled within 14 days of purchase)
  • Additional 60 minute "Accountability Check-in" consultation, booked at the end of your discover call, to ensure you are on track with your plan

NEXsteps VIP

Experience personalized support with our one-on-one consultation. Your dedicated expert will guide you through the development of a tailored aging plan, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your unique needs. This VIPpackage includes in-depth consultations and unparalleled support.


  • Everything in PLUS, and...
  • Initial review of current status
  • In-depth consultation to learn and understand unique circumstances including health and financial matters as they relate to future planning
  • Understanding of the role of family dynamics
  • Preparation of the plan, with milestones determined
  • Review plan with all involved parties
  • Creation of options for future planning to allow for unforeseen events
  • Ensuring that all legal documents are in place, health and medical needs are planned for, housing and care options are reviewed.


Olivia H.
“I had no idea where to start with planning for my parents’ aging. The experts at NEXsteps made the process so much easier.”
Alex J.
“NEXsteps has been a game-changer for me.  Their personalized plan helped mle achieve a healthier, happier and stress-free aging journey.”
Luke I.
“I don’t know where my family and I would be without the guidance and support of NEXsteps. They have truly made a positive impact on our lives.”
Dean B.
“NEXsteps has been a lifesaver for our family. Their personalized aging plans and expert guidance have made all the difference in caring for our aging parents.”