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I met Nancy through LinkedIn. I was in need of some ideas on how to build and run an organization. That was over a year ago.

We eventually ended up meeting in Calgary when I was down for a visit. We would chat weekly about marketing, business and direction. She was extremely helpful in helping me find direction and asked hard questions to to help me grow.

I am so happy that I had the opportunity to meet Nancy through LinkedIn. She is truly a passionate marketer and business coach. I would recommend taking the time to speak with her, she can help in ways that are hard to explain.

Thank you Nancy for everything you have taught me.

Will Clarke

Co-owner at Aurakey Digital Agency

My name is Seeletso Bogosi from Botswana, Africa. I started working with Agapi Marketing last year, in 2017, and was helped by a nice lady called Nancy.  The lady is a very good asset for this Company.  She mentored me on a lot of things regarding Marketing.  At the time when I talking to her, I was establishing​ a Marketing company so I lacked lot of information.  I saw Agapi on Facebook and started talking​ to Nancy through messenger. She took all her time answering all my questions step by step and made me understand how this Marketing Business works, and right now I must say all the information she gave me is really benefiting me.  It’s really working and she indeed made life simpler for me in business. So with this I recommend Agapi Marketing & consulting Ltd for whoever wants to do business with them.  They are good and they know what they are doing.  Customer service is of high class and you can never go wrong with them. Nancy, May God help you to continue having that love for customers and take this company to greater heights.  2018 is the year of growth.  Stay blessed and cheers.

Nancy Boisvert has helped me orchestrate a strategic marketing shift this year and her expertise may be of service to you, those in your organization or clients who come to you with special needs. Nancy is an expert at strategic marketing and helped me take my 5 various and separate brands and tie them together into an overall comprehensive portfolio approach.  Additionally, she helped develop my website,, as well as managing the strategic planning for the Cafe of Dreams marketing campaigns. I sincerely can and do highly recommend Nancy, especially when you need someone to help provide an objective top-down strategic view of your business, your marketing assets, and how to grow.  And if clients are coming to you with complex problems, Nancy will make a great person to have on your team that you can partner with to help your clients achieve their objectives. Lynn Kitchen Consulting, LLC Financial Consultant, Producer

When Nancy was first recommended to us there was very little time and a lot of work to be done, various parties involved and several years of documentation to review. This did not phase Nancy as she approached her task with a positive attitude and was able to meet the application deadline. I would recommend her to other first nations development corporations.


July 2015

We were very impressed with your work.  While we cannot recommend one person over another, I do offer your name to clients for consideration (when asked) as one of a few consultants whose work we have found exemplary.  Things move slowly here, but I look forward to working with you again.


Aleta Fowler

M.Arch, MA Policy & Planning

Senior Policy Analyst Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency (CanNor)

In the fall of 2014, we contracted Agapi’s services to manage our marketing requirements. Our website was old and had many issues, and we were also looking for ways to showcase our products and services and increase awareness of our company. Nancy and her team were able to clean up our existing website and added features, such as downloadable links to products and a link to a sign-up page for clients and prospects to obtain information about product updates, making it more functional until we complete our new site. We also wanted to improve our visibility to our prospective clients, and Nancy researched various options, securing the services of a company that was able to provide online listings of our products to an existing audience. She also initiated a marketing campaign that, within the first 6 weeks, increased the number of unique visitors to our website by nearly 500%. We found Nancy to be capable and reliable, and all work was provided on time and within budget. We plan to continue to use the services of Nancy and her team as we move forward, and would not hesitate to recommend her to any company that is looking for solid, reliable and effective marketing services. Des Bousfield President Integrity Pump Service Inc.

My company has had the pleasure of working with Agapi Marketing on several projects over the past several years, and it has been our experience that Agapi brings strong expertise in marketing to the table. We primarily work with online markets and Agapi has been able to translate great marketing concepts to our online clients. Some of the ideas and support that they have provided have helped us to create successful marketing campaigns that would not have been as successful without their help. Frank Thomas The Thomas Project

Letter of Reference June 5, 2014 To whom it may concern, This letter is to introduce Nancy Boisvert of Agapi Marketing. Nancy was hired by the Club in 2014 to assist in better utilizing the Club’s web site. Our site was not user-friendly, was missing documents and did not flow well. Nancy reviewed the site and, working with Club staff, the issues were corrected in a timely manner. Nancy proved to be a very capable and reliable consultant, easy to reach, whose work was done on time and budget and who made many valuable suggestions along the way. Club staff were pleased to be working with Nancy as she made the job easier and more expeditious. The Club does not hesitate in recommending Nancy to any company that is seeking a person who can work effectively to get the job done right and on time. If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at 403-931-3171. Sincerely, R.J. Hood – General Manager/C00 Priddis Greens Golf and Country Club

Nancy was an instrumental part in turning our “mediocre” website into one that is both professional and captivating. This will greatly enhance our ability to attract new Members while affording our current Members continued ease to the information that they expect from Priddis Greens Golf and Country Club. Nancy’s extensive marketing vision has positioned Priddis Greens Golf and Country Club to be informative, entertaining, and most importantly, relevant for what our internal and external audience is looking for. It was a pleasure working alongside with Nancy for the timeline of this project, and I look forward to working with her again in the near future. Lindsay English- Communications Manager Priddis Greens Golf and Country Club

Nancy’s ability to cut to the heart of the matter while keeping the big picture in sight is nothing short of remarkable. In addition to being an excellent copywriter, Nancy understands marketing as it relates to human nature. My advice to you on any advice that Nancy gives you is simple– take it! Sheelagh Matthews, The Idea Garden

RE: Recommendation of Agapi Marketing & Consulting Ltd. I am pleased to provide this letter of reference for Nancy Boisvert. As the past Director of Administrative Services of MoneyMinding International Inc., I was associated professionally with Nancy for a couple of years. Nancy, without fail, performed her duties in a competent, professional manner and was always willing to take charge of the extra demands. Her skills in the organizational aspects and her handling of the many important tasks at hand were excellent. I heartily recommend Nancy to anyone wishing to hire someone who is creative, stays on task, and is solutions oriented. I enjoyed the opportunity to work with Nancy, and I wish her all the best in her future endeavors. If you should require additional information, my contact information is below. Sincerely, Susan Ranzinger President SNR Business Services Ltd.

Reference Letter June 12, 2009 To whom it may concern, I am the owner and operator of a fmancial planning firm in Osoyoos, BC, conducting business in the community for the past 15 years. About 2 years ago I was looking to hire a marketing person to help advance my business. It was at that time that I hired Nancy Boisvert as a consultant and she has been working with me ever since. During this time she conducted a variety of duties involving marketing, public relations, policies and procedures, securities compliance, and customer service. Nancy was very keen to learn all aspects of the business and even took the initiative to get herself licensed; in a very short time I might add. Since she joined our frrm we have steadily grown all facets of our business but more importantly, we have further streamlined how we operate the business by systemizing the internal processes. This has increased our efficiency and increased our bottom line. Nancy’s coaching abilities have been greatly appreciated both by me and all staff. Nancy has been an integral part of the success of my business and I am sorry to see her leave. Her flagrant charm and endearing personality will be sorely missed. She has truly touched the lives of everyone in our office and my extended client base. Her splendid behavior and caring attitude, in my opinion, far exceeds the expectations of any business owner. I sincerely wish Nancy all the best in her future endeavors and I have made it clear to her that should she consider returning to Osoyoos, I would welcome her back to our organization with open arms. Yours truly, Rod Rezka, H.BSc., CSA Owner/Branch Manager Investment Planning Counsel

I want to thank you for your hard work in getting our promotional material in order…. Once again, thank you for the excellent service. Dr. Ade Johnson

I hired Nancy to assist me with public relations for my new business. We worked together to build a professional presentation package that outlines my company’s background and the services that we have to offer. I use this package to promote my business to builders, mortgage brokers and realtors. Thanks for all of your great help, Nancy! Darlene Goode

We are enjoying working with Nancy. She brings a wealth of experience and relates easily to her clients. Nancy knows how to bring out the best in a person – and out of a business. She is punctual, efficient, and genuinely interested in making our company grow. We look forward to a long-lasting, profitable relationship. John Renay

July 2, 1998 I have been asked to provide a letter of reference for Nancy Boisvert, and I am happy to do so. I have known Nancy for several years and have always found her to be of good character and hard working. Nancy worked for the Reform Party in the last Parliament and was well thought of by her peers. She has always been pleasant to deal with and has demonstrated a great deal of loyalty. I would recommend her for any position you have in mind. I wish Nancy all the best in her future endeavors. If you would like to discuss this with me further, do not hesitate to call. Sincerely, Cliff Fryers Chief of Staff Office of the Leader of the Opposition

April 7, 1995 It is with pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation. I extend my regard for her professional efforts as my Campaign Manager, leading to our success in the 1993 election. As well, she has been a personal support throughout the often stressful occasions, both pre and post election. Nancy is tenacious, focused and loyal. These personal qualities are evident and I believe have resulted in her successes as an entrepreneur. I wish Nancy every possible success in her future endeavours. She is deserving of all of the opportunities offered to her Yours sincerely, Jan Brown, MP Calgary Southeast