Marketing On YouTube – Part One

youtube marketing

So what is YouTube Marketing – and why should you be using it anyway?

Are you marketing your business on YouTube?  If not, you are missing a great opportunity to engage with your clients and prospects, build trust, and promote your products and services.

Over the next few months, we will be uploading a series of videos that will outline to you the reasons why you should be using this online tool to help build your business.  The videos were created from an online presentation that was developed and delivered in 2013; the statistics may have changed and the quality isn’t great, (video engagement has increased since then) but the concepts and principles remain relevant.

Watch our first video now, or watch on YouTube.

In this video, you will learn what YouTube marketing is, and why you should be using it. Read more

Why You Need To Care About Your Online Reputation

online reputation

Your Online Reputation.

How Neglecting It Can Cost You Money And Send Prospects To Your Competition. 

Taking care of your company’s online reputation is vital for 2 very good reasons:

1. By optimizing your great reviews in the major search engines, you are going to be bringing in new clients who are looking for you personally; that will directly improve your bottom line.

2. Any bad reviews about your business will stick out like a sore thumb, turning clients and prospects away from you each and every day. If this is happening to you, you are leaving potential revenue streams on the table

Watch our video now, or watch on YouTube:

It is a fact that approximately 75% of all customers research a company before they so much as think of doing business with them.

And typically, since this research procedure takes a little time, they’re looking for distinct things about your organization. Frequently, they may be directly searching for assessments about your organization!

If your potential client makes the decision to check out the web to learn about your company, he’s likely to be faced with a few terrible reviews which are going to scare him away you’re your business. This will make him to turn to a competitor who has already taken care of their bad reviews, clearing up their online reputation. Read more