Business Plan_Part1

Do you have a business plan for your business?

It’s been about a month since we posted a link to the Entrepreneur Series that we are working on with Frank Thomas, of the Small Business Tips Show.

Today, we’re posting the third installment of this series.
When recording the webcast on this topic, Frank and I quickly discovered that it is a topic that requires a lot of depth and a lot of discussion. Rather than just skipping over some high points, we decided to create a two-part series, specific to building a business plan.

Now, I know there’s been some talk lately about whether you actually need a business plan or not. But, call me old-fashioned, I still maintain that your business plan provides the foundation upon which your business is constructed.

So check out part one now…and stay tuned. We’ll be posting part two in a couple of days.

Watch our video:



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