communityBack on August 6, I posted an article that spoke about two live streaming options: Meerkat vs. Periscope. At that time, all indications were that Periscope was the app of choice, and that most people researching and writing about these two options felt that Meerkat would eventually become extremely marginal.

Since doing that research and writing that article, I have been intending to try out Periscope myself, just to see the advantages and disadvantages from my own perspective. Well, it’s been 3 ½ months and I finally got around to doing it today!

I was doing a video broadcast with Frank Thomas for the Small Business Tips Show and, once we completed the broadcast, we started discussing a bit of what it was we were working on, as we usually do. I had mentioned to Frank that I was finally going to give Periscope a try, thinking that I could utilize it to help one of my clients explain specific steps and processes required to sign up and participate in a new app that he has developed. I don’t have screen capture software and felt that I could use Periscope to capture the setup process from my computer screen, then upload the video to my client’s YouTube channel and link it to his social media profiles.

Well, if you’ve been listening to our podcasts or watching our video broadcasts, you know that my pal Frank is a bit of a techie! He is interested in learning more about Periscope, but asked me why I wasn’t using a Google hangout for screen capture instead.

I’ve obviously got a Google+ account, personally and for my business, but have never really done much with Google + for several years, since not many of my social connections use it. But, after speaking with Frank, I decided I better find out more about it.

I found very little help available within Google+, however there are several great video tutorials available on YouTube that explain how to use hangouts for webinars, presentations, and for screen sharing.

The biggest advantage to using hangouts for screen capture (at least in my opinion) is that it will automatically record and post your screen sharing video – or your presentation for that matter – not just to your Google+ profile, but will also uploaded it to your YouTube channel. The downside to this is that it is raw footage, without the ability to edit it prior to publication, so you either have to practice and perfect it before you recorded it, or live with the mistakes.

Of course there are also advantages to being able to live-stream and share your video presentation directly to Twitter, and then upload your video to YouTube from there. But, of course, this is also raw footage which is both a positive and a negative.

So, typical of all technology, everything has its pros and cons. My suggestion is to try both of them out and use the application that best fits your requirements at the time.

Just in case you are interested, you can view my first kick at a casual Periscope video here:

Watch our Video Broadcast:

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