CompletedToday, we live-streamed the final video in this series on off-line marketing.

It was a lot of fun doing this video series, partly because I am gaining comfort in front of the camera and partly because it was such a great opportunity to address an area of marketing that is often forgotten or neglected.

Off-line at marketing methods are extremely effective tools that are often overlooked in this technology driven time. But, as I hope we have demonstrated in this series, they play very nicely when integrated with online marketing methods.

As we pointed out, there are a variety of off-line marketing methods, each with their own advantages. When you’re creating your marketing strategy, it is vitally important that you integrate the appropriate methods into your plan, always keeping your target audience, intent, goal, and budget in mind.

We hope you have enjoyed this video series and we would be happy to assist you in determining the appropriate marketing strategy for your business.

Watch our video now:

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