going deeperLast week, we shared a podcast with you that was recorded earlier this year with Frank Thomas of the Small Business Tips Show. Well, it ended up that that was one of the most popular podcasts on the small business tips show to date, so last month Frank and I decided to do a follow-up podcast, going deeper into the subject of marketing your small business.

In this episode, we begin to dissect the whole concept of marketing. We discuss and identify key components to marketing your small business. These include such things as:

  • What is marketing?
  • What is the difference between a marketing strategy and a marketing campaign?
  • How does advertising fit in?
  • How do I measure the results of my marketing efforts?

Take a listen to this podcast to see how the issues discussed can help you with your small business. If you wish to download the podcast, simply visit the Small Business Tips Show website and download it from there.

Listen to our podcast now:


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