Marketing picWhat are you doing to market your small business?

Earlier this year, I was an invited guest on the Small Business Tips Show. The host of the show, Frank Thomas, brought me in to share my three decades of marketing experience with his listeners.

In the episode, we discussed some of the big – and costly – mistakes that small business owners often make when they’re trying to promote their business.

This episode addresses such key things as identifying your ideal client and what, exactly, marketing is. Contrary to popular belief, it is not advertising. Advertising is a component of the implementation of a marketing strategy.

This past September, I was invited to regularly co-host the Small Business Tips Show with Frank, and this past Tuesday I posted the first part of our first ever video presentation. I’m honored to be a permanent fixture now on the show, and invite you to visit the Small Business Tips Show website to see what other resources are available for you there.

Meanwhile, please enjoy this podcast and see if it helps you identify how you can better market your small business.


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