StrategyMost small business owners and entrepreneurs start with a vision. This vision differs from person to person, and is generally based on why they want to own their own business and what the perceived benefits are.

For some people, the attraction is all about being their own boss. For others, it is about flexibility and being able to be the ‘masters of their own destiny’. And for others, it is the opportunity to face and accomplish many different challenges associated with self-employment. And probably, for most people, it is a bit of all of these.

Of course, like everything else in life, the reality of owning your own business is not exactly the romanticized version we all dream about. In reality, especially in the early days, we work long hours, are required to juggle all aspects of the business, have to attend to mundane duties, and more often than not, also make financial sacrifices.

And, yet, we carry on!

We know – or at least we believe – that our businesses will grow into what we envisioned and we keep working toward that goal. But to get there, you must have a roadmap.

This 3 point plan assumes that you are already operating; follow it and you will be on your way to achieving your dreams.

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Business Strategy and ManagementIn business, especially your own small business, there is usually a bit of a battle being waged between sales and consulting.

Are you a sales person? Or are you a consultant? My guess is that you are doing a bit of both, depending on the hat you are wearing.

Let’s face it; both of these labels have both positive and negative implications. Sales is often associated with certain behaviors that can be seen as less than savory. And people often suggest that people who can’t do anything else consult.

So let’s break down the myths.

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Pursuing Perfection Paralyses

We’ve all been there. We are working on a project and have made some great strides toward the completion of it. We do our final review, do the final revisions and add the final touches and – voila! Yes, we are ready to launch it!

The only problem is – well, we don’t!

Maybe we can just reword this one area. Maybe we can add another dimension to it over here. Or wait!  Let’s find some different pictures to augment it.  Or… maybe we should add a video.

Let’s face it. Everything in life is a work in progress.

Nothing is ever set in stone, whether it is a business plan, a budget, or a project for your business.  Personally, I can look at something I have written and see a way to reword it every time I read it. If I continually reviewed and rewrote everything I have ever written, I would never have completed anything.

So, you do what you can, capture the best of what it is that you are looking to present, and run with it. If you don’t, you will never finish anything.

Why do we do this?

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jugglingEntrepreneurs and business owners are a bit different than the masses. We are the people who aren’t satisfied with a ‘normal’ job. We often become bored very quickly with the status quo and once we have mastered a specific task or goal, we are eager to move on to a new challenge.

We also are guilty of taking on EVERYTHING! Because we put so much of ourselves into our businesses and projects, we seem to be a bit reluctant to trust others to maintain our high standards and protect our brand and our reputation.

So this means that often we end up juggling all aspects of the business; from bookkeeping to branding, to marketing, to web design and maintenance, to marketing and PR – and everything in between!

But by taking all this on, we are actually doing a disservice to our businesses! There are only so many hours in a day, and taking on the main responsibility of all aspects of the business makes it impossible to dedicate the appropriate amount of time and energy to every area. The result is that many tasks are incomplete, inadequate or simply ignored. We have all heard the adage, ‘the shoemaker’s child has no shoes’. In this case, the child is your business.

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advertisingToday marks the final video in our 5 part video series, “How To Market Your Business: 5 Proven Strategies That Are Easy To Implement”. This final video talks about advertising your business.

Did you know that marketing is not the same thing as advertising?  Well, it’s not, despite the fact that those two words are used interchangeably all the time.

Watch our video and learn the difference between marketing and advertising, and how to determine what methods of advertising are most applicable to your business or marketing campaign.

Thanks for watching the series, and we look forward to sharing a new video series with you soon.

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