Digital Fatigue???

cellphonesThere is absolutely no question that digital communications are not only the new reality, but should also form an integral part of any marketing strategy.

But that doesn’t mean that online communication and social media strategies should be the only avenue you take for promoting and advertising your business.

The phrase “digital fatigue” has been around for a couple of years now, and has a couple of different meanings. There is an actual medical definition that refers to physical manifestations resulting from spending too much time on computers, smart phones and other electronics. This includes problems like eyestrain and migraines.

And then there is the antisocial aspect of digital communications. We are all familiar with instances of groups of people sitting together but not interacting, instead preferring focusing their attentions on their smartphones.  In fact, we have all poked fun at those folks.  Some places, like restaurants and theaters, are implementing rules about cellphones.  Scary that we have to have rules put into place to avoid being rude…

Is it any wonder that people are seeking out physical objects and experiences?

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The Science Of Marketing

I wanted to talk to you today about the science of marketing. I think this is a very important topic because, despite what many people believe, effective marketing is truly a science.

Let’s look for a minute at the definition of science:


  • the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.
  • a systematically organized body of knowledge on a particular subject.

As you can see from the above definition, science is not limited to the study of chemicals, biology, physics, etc., but rather can be applied to any subject as long as that subject is approached and executed in a systematic way.

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communityBack on August 6, I posted an article that spoke about two live streaming options: Meerkat vs. Periscope. At that time, all indications were that Periscope was the app of choice, and that most people researching and writing about these two options felt that Meerkat would eventually become extremely marginal.

Since doing that research and writing that article, I have been intending to try out Periscope myself, just to see the advantages and disadvantages from my own perspective. Well, it’s been 3 ½ months and I finally got around to doing it today!

I was doing a video broadcast with Frank Thomas for the Small Business Tips Show and, once we completed the broadcast, we started discussing a bit of what it was we were working on, as we usually do. I had mentioned to Frank that I was finally going to give Periscope a try, thinking that I could utilize it to help one of my clients explain specific steps and processes required to sign up and participate in a new app that he has developed. I don’t have screen capture software and felt that I could use Periscope to capture the setup process from my computer screen, then upload the video to my client’s YouTube channel and link it to his social media profiles.

Well, if you’ve been listening to our podcasts or watching our video broadcasts, you know that my pal Frank is a bit of a techie! He is interested in learning more about Periscope, but asked me why I wasn’t using a Google hangout for screen capture instead.

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Elegant swanSo what the heck is elegant simplicity, anyway?

This is the topic that Frank Thomas and I discussed on the most recent episode of our broadcast on the Small Business Tips Show.

Elegant simplicity is the art of developing and creating your product or service that is simple and easy for them to understand and connect. There is nothing worse for client or prospect than having to maneuver and negotiate complex roadblocks to attain what it is they are looking for. Indeed, if you make it too difficult for them to understand or connect with your product or service, you will lose them to your competitors.

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Today, let’s talk about crowdfunding.

I’m sure most, if not all of you are familiar with what crowdfunding is. Over the past few years, several sites have appeared, giving variety and choice to anyone looking to raise funds through the generosity of the public at large.

Simply put, crowdfunding consists of an idea that is posted on a crowdfunding site with the intention of raising funds through connections, connections of connections, and the public at large. Sounds simple, right?

In theory, yes it is. However, just like every other form of marketing, planning and appropriate strategy around the delivery of your project is crucial to your success or your failure.

I actually had a different topic plan for today, but was asked to check out a crowdfunding venture for a friend of mine on Indigogo. At first glance, the project seemed to have followed a plan for execution. But, unfortunately, I believe the project has executed itself before it really got off the ground.

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